Believe it or not, English is the official language of 53 countries including Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Turkey, and the US, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. So, by becoming fluent in English you will automatically be able to communicate with many more individuals than before which could open up a host of new friendships and relationships.

Learning English can be challenging and frustrating for most people. So that is why Jampang English Village presents Intensive English Class Special Program in 2019 to help the learners mastering English and facilitate them who have social soul to share this precious knowledge to others.

Intensive English Class is one of the JEV programs that is held every month. In the beginning of this year, JEV opens this program for everyone who wants to be a JEV volunteer. This program is fully funded program from Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa and will be held on January 28 until February 23, 2019.

These are the requirements to join this program:

1. The learners are minimum Senior High School, activist, have spirit to study English, and love to share with others.
2. The learners always take 5 times sholat in time.
3. The learners are willing to spread this information to their social media groups at least 5 groups and send the screenshots to
4. The learners should fill the registration form in this LINK.
5. The learners are willing to join all the activities of Intensive English Class minimum 80% during the program.
6. The learners are willing to use their picture made by JEV as their identity card in their social media photo profile.
7. All learners should stay in JEV during the program. The learners can rent the home stay Rp 300.000 for a month.
8. After finishing this program, the learners should open English Study Club in their hometown or domicile at least consist of 10 members. The learners are willing to share their insight or knowledge to the members every week for 6 months at least. JEV will monitor and evaluate this program every month.
9. If the learners break the rules and ask to cancel the program, the learners should pay the payment of the programs.

More Information:
WA +62 819 1000 0624
IG @jevdompetdhuafa


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