JEV Prime Course is one of Jampang English Village program that has four courses, such as D'Prime Class, Intensive English Class, English Camp (Eduventure adn Accelerated). and English by Request. Using personal approach method, learners can improve their English Skill ability significantly.

D'Prime Class
D’Prime Class is a program that provides specific course (grammar, speaking, or listening) which can be chosen by learner. These classes are available for private, friendship, and extra miles class.

Intensive English Class
Intensive English Class is a program of JEV Prime Course that helps learners to master the four English skills through applying English area and Integrated English learning which is based on contextual and personal approach.

English Camp
English Camp is a program that has two kinds of Program (Accelerated English Camp and English Camp Eduventure). The activities and materials in this program are designed to make a process of learning and teaching more creative, fun, and meaningful.

English by Request
English by request is a program of JEV Prime Course that provides specific courses which can be chosen by learners’ need and level.

Why do you choose JEV?
Having great, friendly, competent, and professional teachers.
Using personal approach and direct experience method.
Having comfortable and homey place with natural and fresh environment.
Free intensive consultation during the program.
Free module, handout, and certificate.
Having Social Empowerment around Village where learner can join for sharing experience with the Society.

How to register?
Visit our website
Choose the program
Fill the online registration form
Confirm to contact person
Fulfill the registration fee
Join pre-test or placement test

Jampang English Village (JEV)
Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa
WA: +62 819 10000 624
IG : @JEVdompetdhuafa
FB : JEV Dompet Dhuafa
Fan Page : JEV Jampang English Village
website: dan
Jalan Raya Parung, KM 42, Kemang, Bogor


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