DOMPET DHUAFA (DD) is a Non-Profit Organization belongs to the community, founded in 1993, which raised the dignity of human social submissive to utilize Zakat funds, Infaq, Charity and Endowments (ZISWAF) as well as other social funds either from individuals, groups and companies.

DD now has broaden its network in 21 provinces in Indonesia and representative offices in 5 countries (Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, USA and South Korea). All activities carried out with the support of 60,000 loyal donors who are economically well-established, professional and educated.

Currently, DD has become Islamic philanthropic organizations that raise public funds in Indonesia. In the early years, the total accumulation only about 80 million. Furthermore, through public trust which is growing and developing, in 2015
Dompet Dhuafa successfully raised up to 250 billion rupiah.

Jampang English Village is program of Zona Madina Dompet Dhuafa, to support the development of International Zakat tourism area in Jampang village. Jampang English Village is also a community of development program to empower society through English mastery and make Jampang as the center of English teaching and learning in Bogor. JEV has two focusing programs. There are JEV for Society and JEV Prime Course. JEV Prime Course has four courses, such as D'Prime Class, Intensive English Class, English Camp, and English by Request. While JEV for Society has three programs, such as JEV Goes to School, English Friendly and Easy English.

Now, JEV has 13 spots of English Friendly. There are 3 classes at Jampang Poncol, RW.06,  2 classes at RW 05, 1 class at RW 04, 2 classes at RW 03, 1 class at RW 02, 2 class at RW 01, 1 class on Cogrek Village, and 1 class on Iwul Village. The students are coming from all Jampang village and surrounding. The class opened for all age level. There are some classes for young learners, teenagers, and adult (workers, mother, and seller), all f them are free for Jampang students.

JEV also has three partner schools of JEV Goes to School, SMK Lukmanul Hakim, SDN 1 Jampang and  PAUD Ya Bunayya. JEV provides English Development Program for the teachers and Fun English learning for the students.


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